Newhaven to Dieppe ferry

Dieppe is located in the top part of Normandy, sitting amongst the cliffs overlooking the English Channel.

The Newhaven to Dieppe ferry crossing is a 4-hour journey and is one of the most popular routes from England to France.

Newhaven is the closest ferry port to London.  Here are some sights to visit in Dieppe:

Dieppe Beach

The pretty, pebble beach in Dieppe is attraction to tourists for both swimming and sunbathing.  Surrounded by limestone cliffs that make for a picturesque view, Dieppe beach was the inspiration for a number of paintings by the likes of Monet and Gaugin.  The promenade is more than a mile long and offers a children’s play area, running along the harbour.  There are many lovely waterside restaurants that specialise in fresh fish.

Villa Perrotte

The Villa Perrotte is a popular attraction amongst art lovers.  This art gallery is located in the heart of Dieppe and was constructed in 1928.  Works are exhibited all year round, featuring paintings, sculptures and photography from numerous contemporary artists.

Church of St. Jacques

Burnt in 1195 and rebuilt in the 1400s in a Renaissance style under the influence of the Château de Gaillon.  This beautiful church of St Jacques is built under of a number of beautiful works, including the statue of James at the entrance, a statue over the main altar, the Wall of the ‘Sauvages’, carvings by seafarers, a rose window and gargoyles.

The Saturday morning market at the church is said to be one of the finest food markets in Northern France.  Cheeses, Normandy apples and cider from local farmers are all available.

The Castle Museum

Founded in 1188 and destroyed in 1195, the Castle Museum in Dieppe was restored during the 14th century.  Several architectural styles are represented and paintings by Renoir, Boudin, Lebourg and Pissaro can also be viewed.  The surrounding walls were largely destroyed by Anglo-Dutch bombardment in 1694, but the castle has survived and offers a panoramic view over the town and coast.

Miromesnil Castle

One of the most beautiful castles in France, the Château de Miromesnil was built in 1590 on the remains of the old fortified castle during the Battle of Arques.  The castle is the testimony of four centuries of architectural history and keeps its decorative elements from past centuries.

La Place du Puits-Salé

This is the busiest square in all of Dieppe.  The main street to the square was renovated in 2004.  The oldest café in the city is located here.


There are a number of monuments along the seafront commemorating those who lost their lives during World War II in the Dieppe Raid.  There is also a monument commemorating the relationship between the town and Canada, which started when colonists left to find new life in the North American country.


There are two sailings daily - one at either 08.30 or 10.00 and the other ast 23.00hrs.  Check-in starts 1.5 hours prior to sailing time - passengers arriving less than 45 minutes before departure may not be granted embarkation.


If you’re looking for a good restaurant in Dieppe may we recommend the following:

Le Comptoir A Huitres

12 cours de Dakar - Quai de Norvege, 76200 Dieppe, France

A little walk outside of Dieppe town centre is the highly-recommend Comptoir A Huitres.  Behind the unassuming front door is a brightly lit French bistro with some of the best fresh food in town, if not the best.

Warning, the restaurant can get very busy due to its popularity so make sure to reserve a spot in advance of get there early.  A must for any fan of fish or shellfish.  The portions too are very generous – you certainly get your money’s worth here.

Bistrot des Barrieres

5-7, Arcade de la Poissonerie, 76200 Dieppe, France

The Bistrot des Barrieres is very popular with the locals so get there early or book in advance if you want a seat in one of Dieppe’s most popular restaurants.

The menu is written on blackboards and the décor is beautiful.  2 course meals are often enough to fill most customers in this restaurant as they are generous with the portions.  The menu changes regularly and you’ll get a very good service from the friendly staff.

Restaurant Les Voiles d'Or

2 Chemin de la Falaise, 76200 Dieppe, France

Perched on top of a cliff does make the Restaurant Les Voiles d’Or difficult to get too.  On top of that the exterior is not a great attraction.  But once you’re inside the interior is charming and the food is good.  Particularly if you’re a fan of fish which dominates the menu.

Wine isn’t so cheap here and portions are measured but the cuisine is rich in taste.  They serve homemade bread too.