Dover to Dunkirk ferry

The French commune of Dunkirk in northern France is a short ferry journey over from Dover on the south coast of England.

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Dunkirk is a popular choice for day or weekend breaks, and those on a longer stay can drive across the Belgian border, 6 miles away, to Bruges which is less than an hour’s drive away.

If you are considering taking a break to Dunkirk here are some suggestions of sights to visit:

Port Museum of Dunkirk

The Port Museum of Dunkirk presents the history of the town and the everyday lives of the men and women who worked there many decades ago.  There is an interactive exhibition as well as a great collection of model ships dating back to the 18th century.

Museum of Drawing and Original Prints

For a €2 entrance fee, this is the only museum in all of France that is dedicated to original prints.  There are a number of rooms with permanent and temporary exhibitions with around 13,000 prints in all throughout.  Guided tours, workshops, courses and master classes are all available.

Lieu d'art et Action Contemporaine

Located in the middle of a sculpture garden, the Lieu d'art et Action Contemporaine (LAAC) holds a collection of impressive work from between the 1950s and 80s.  Andy Warhole, Karel Appel, Arman, César and Eugène Leroy are all on display.  There are more than 150 drawings and prints to view.  €4.50 entrance fee.

The Chapel of Light

The Chapel of Light is a large, state-commissioned project composing of 15 sculptures that are spread out over a 450m² room.  Located in the St Jean-Baptiste church, the artwork created by English artist Sir Anthony Caro is on display.  €3 entry.

Palais de L'Univers et des Sciences

The Palace of the Universe and Science is a planetarium for people of all ages.  You will see the world from the first moments of the Big Bang up to the present day.  Enjoy the activities and temporary exhibitions on offer, all for €4.50.

Vauban Promenade

In the heart of Dunkirk is Vauban Promenade.  Enjoy a trip in complete tranquillity through water.  Navigate around the preserved environment on pedalos, rowing boats, electric boats or hope on board one of the passenger boats.

Battle of Dunkirk Museum

The Remembrance Memorial tells the story of the battle of Dunkirk and “Operation Dynamo” which took place in May-June 1940, a huge evacuation of over 330,000 allied soldiers to England.

This museum hosts a large collection of photographs, cards and military equipment from the event and can be enjoyed for €4 entry.

St Eloi Belfry

A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2005, erected in 1440 and completely renovated in 2009, the St Eloi Belfry is made up of 50 bells and rings popular melodies every 15 minutes.  At the top of the 64 steps (or lift), 58 metres in height is a stunning view across town.

Le Musée des Beaux-Arts

The Fine Arts Museum in Dunkirk allows you to explore works that bring together both traditional and contemporary art, fine arts and science, western art and non-European ethnography on various themes.

The collection holds over 20,000 pieces of natural history, minerals, stuffed animals etc. and over 4,000 objects from continents worldwide.

Sailing Times

When traveling on the Norfolkline fleet, it takes approximately 2 hours between Dover and Dunkirk.

Ferries depart regularly every two hours each day throughout the day but be sure to check the departure time using our ferry search engine at the top of this page.